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Answered Prayers
By Rock Church


"Last week I prayed for Christine who has struggled with fibromyalgia foryears and was really struggling with a reaction from her new meds. She contacted me in regards to attending our LIFE group and let me know that she had been free of pain since she got prayed for!" - Sandra

"10-year-old boy came to prayer at the altar and was limping because he twisted his knee and was still recuperating after an operation. He came back to show me how he walks perfectly normal!" – Cliff 

"Last week I prayed with a young girl (single mom). She wanted her partner to be free from drug addiction and to come to church. He is now going to a rehabilitation center, back to her and the baby's life and attending church." – Amy 

"One of our friends was in a car accident and his back ,neck, wrists, head, and feet were in a lot of pain. He couldn't move his wrist and was having trouble walking. We prayed and the Holy Spirit started healing him from the inside out. After we prayed the pain was gone and he was able t omove every part of his body again with out any restrictions." – Mario 

"A family member had experienced two strokes in the brain following a 12-hour heart surgery. As a result, he had regressed to a vegetative condition. Members of both our families have been asking for prayer (everyone except my sons and myself are not saved) and are praying, which is something they've not done fervently before. As of yesterday, he is healing - more alert, rational, talking to doctors and asking intelligent questions, following directions. He has been moved to acute rehab in Encinitas with 24/7 care for three weeks and continues to require care for his healing heart. The entire family are super encouraged by his incredible progress!" – Karen 

"My husband, Steve and I have had many trials in our marriage, especially in this last year. But I am proud and happy to say that today I was able to go to court and say that they could dismiss our divorce! God is good and always faithful and we wouldn't have been able to conquer these trials without him and will still need him everyday. Today is a great victory and Satan will not win!!"  – Jennifer


"I prayed for a woman at a ministry event; she was asking God for clarity and direction for further ministry. God used me to pray for her and speak prophetically into her life. Everything that God spoke through me came to pass. That night she had a dream of leading a LIFE Group; then a friend of hers from out of state called and confirmed she was to lead a LIFE Group. This woman did not know how she could lead a group since she literally didn't have the money to stay in her home. God then miraculously gave her a $5K dollar pay increase. Though wonderful, it still wasn't enough. God touched her boss' heart again and gave her another $5K increase which ended up being more than enough for her to remain in living situation. She had another concern—parking for her Bible study  and LIFE Group attendees and friends. God touched her landlord's heart and he gave her free additional parking! When we visited again, we were in tears rejoicing at what God had done since our prayer time together!"  – Cheryl


"Friday night my daughter woke me in the middle of the night complaining of extreme pain on a side of her lower back. She asked me to pray for her and I prayed in Jesus' name and Jesus miraculously healed her and took the pain away! Praise the Lord!"  – Neil


"On July 23rd, I was participating with the worship team during our Night of Worship event. That week my body was in pain and I had gone to get a variety of tests and x-rays; my knee caps were especially bothering me. Doctors had discarded any sign of Lupus but they told me my knees were in a weird formation and that they might require surgery eventually. Since February I had experienced constant pain in my knees and was not able to jump or move as usual. I remember praying to God during the song "Lion and the Lamb" and asking Him to heal me so I could be free to jump during worship. Suddenly it felt like someone was fixing my knees and the pain in my knees completely disappeared! I have been able to jump, kneel, and fully use my knees since then! I didn't have to go to any kind of physical therapy and the there is no need for surgery anymore!"        – Joelibeck


"3 of my family members not only received Jesus, but also where healed spiritually and physically. One rededicated her life to the Lord. 2 of my cousins were delivered of hatred and bitterness as well. Another cousin was healed of a back injury; he had a lump on his back and now there is no more pain and the lump is completely gone! My aunt, who had not been able to jump or kneel for 7 years was healed in her knees from excruciating pain. She was jumping and kneeling after the Lord healed her, in amazement. Earlier in the week I also prayed for a coworker to be healed of her insomnia. She hadn't slept for more than 2-3 hours for the last fifteen years; she texted me the next morning and shared she had slept 7 hours that night and felt at peace. Glory be to God!" – Rueda


"I prayed for a woman with back pain for ten-plus years. God healed her and she's totally pain free!" – Julia


"During Sunday service, I prayed for a woman with back pain and her pain completely went away. She said she always has pain and when she didn't feel it anymore, she said it was a miracle!"           – Rebecca


"I moved to North County in May. The only people I knew were my son and his family. It was difficult meeting people. It seems as though there is a group for everyone except single seniors. I've been praying for Christian friends. I met Cathy a couple of weeks ago at Tuesday night women's bible study. We met for breakfast this morning. We discovered we are nearly the same age and have many things in common. Thank you Lord Jesus for answered prayer." – Ginger


"I was praying with a gentleman at the front of the stage last week for the healing of his heart palpitations and after we prayed he told me that he had heard something pop and felt as though something left his body. He walked away praising God and rejoicing in the fact that he was healed!" – Ricardo


"A guy at church, in his mid twenties, came up to me and asked if there was a pastor that could pray for him. He was working in a pizza shop and had severely burned his hand and was looking for prayer before he was going to head to the hospital. Before I prayed for him, he said his pain was at an 8. I then prayed for healing and restoration. I asked him how it felt and he said his pain was now more of a 5. I prayed for him one more time. I encouraged him to go to the hospital as soon as possible, but I also noticed that normal color was returning to his hand. About ten minutes later, he walked past me again and I asked him again about his hand. He said that the pain was now down to a 2 or 3. I encouraged him again to go to the hospital to confirm that he had been healed. God is so good!" – Josh


"A gentleman came to church and was experiencing back spasms. We prayed for him at the door. He stated that he immediately felt better." – John


"While in Cuba in a missions trip, one of our team members experienced severe and sudden back pain. We prayed and the pain left." – Cami


"Maya came up for prayer on Sunday. Her back and leg were causing her pain, and she had a headache. God healed her. He healed and ministered to others as I prayed and spoke life over them. God has been building my confidence as I step out and pray." – Kirsten 


"On a recent missions trip to the Philippines, God healed 5 people that we had come to minister to. In Tondo, there was a man and a woman who asked for healing. The man was in a lot of pain in his leg because he had fallen from a high place at work and suffered an injury. The woman was ill, with a soar throat. Team members asked if they could lay hands on them and pray healing in Jesus name. When we asked the man to test his leg, his face shined with joy and he excitedly proclaimed the pain was gone! The woman also was healed and proceeded to start grabbing other people, bringing them to us to receive prayer. In the Marikina Women's Jail, God was also gracious. God removed the pain from a woman suffering from ovarian cancer. We are trusting for a full healing for her and another woman in the same predicament. Another woman received prayer for her swollen throat that had been agitated for over a year. We asked God to heal her four separate times and noticed the knot in her throat did indeed move after our prayers. Her pain level dropped from an 8 to 0 and we believe she left healed and whole. In Rizal Provincial Jail, God healed a man from pain in his hip too. He was very excited to experience the manifestation of God's love for him in this manner." – Gerrilyn 


"The last time my wife and I sat down during a dinner date without our twenty-one-month-old was more than 9 months ago. Our marriage needed some maintenance so we opted to go to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway with the intention of investing in our relationship—just the two of us. As we spent quality time with each other we began to feel God uniting us and healing our relationship even in a city that some may not consider Godly at all. God had greater plans for us during that weekend and was about to show us that His power is not restricted to certain cities. During one of our dinner dates, we were having an excellent conversation...I noticed a string of cheese hanging from her chin. At that moment I was bothered. I wasn't bothered at her, but I was reminded of her condition. I was bothered at our enemy because he has come to kill, steal, and destroy. Thirteen years ago my wife had surgery to get her wisdom teeth removed. The result was the loss of all nerves from her bottom lip to her chin. Because of our 'busy' lives we had never taken the time to talk about it or even pray over the situation. At that moment she had no clue that she had some cheese hanging from her chin. I placed my index finger on her chin and commanded all the dead nerves to come back to life in the name of Jesus. God healed her! All feeling came back to her lower lip and chin area! The nerves were restored and the Holy Spirit reminded us of the loving power and the authority that we find in the name of Jesus!" – Mario 


"To God alone be the glory! I was in the room with a man who was brain-dead, on a life support system, and ultimately dead. We prayed for God to be glorified in this man's life whether by raising him from the dead or by taking him home. Either way, we knew he would be healed. God did a miracle, with my wife as a witness! After being taken off life support, with multiple bags of morphine and medication haven been given to him, this man sat up and began speaking! The end-of-life nurse had never seen anything like it and doctors came the next morning to see the "miracle man". The next morning I returned to Jeff’s room with my wife and we can  fully testify that this man is alive! In fact, a few days later he returned home from the hospital!" – Mickey 



"I called my grandmother on my lunch break just to see how she was doing. She explained to me that she had been in pain all morning from a pinched nerve in her neck. I asked her if we could pray together over the phone and she willingly agreed as she is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I prayed for a supernatural healing in the name of Jesus Christ. We ended the phone call and she called me back two hours later crying tears of joy as she told me the pain was gone! We immediately prayed and thanked and praised God for his mercy and love! All glory to God! She was baptized on Sunday, August 9, at eighty-years-young and still does not have any pain in her neck!"  – Santiago


"Pastor Micah, Pastor Travis, and others had prayed for me. My pain was at a level 8. After their prayers, when I woke up Saturday morning, my pain was only at a 1-and-a-half! I feel a lot better! I am so grateful. God is amazing! " – Carlos


"Before service last week, my friend's mother had an emotional breakdown and was sharing in tears that she had lost the will to live. During service we used the Lord's prayer as Jesus and Pastor Miles had described and we asked for some relief and clarity to come where emotional negativity was blocking my friend's mother from the truth. We prayed  for our lives as well as we are both old addicts in recovery; we prayed with sincerity to surrender our hearts and our lives to God, asking that His will be done. Upon returning home, Jehovah Rapha had moved my friend's mother to open her Bible in our absence and her mood and outlook had drastically improved! Amen." – Ryan


"Today after I served with the worship team at the noon service, I sat down with my family to watch the service. I had been dealing with so much pain in my neck. Then during the prayer time, my husband Marshall and son, Wryanne, prayed for my neck.  Before Pastor Miles had finished talking, I felt my neck get ice-cold, like an icy-hot feeling and then my neck pain went away! It was very fast! The same God who walked and performed miracles with Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Peter, James, John, and Paul, is with us!" – Sarah


"The day before Father's Day, I tore my Soleus calf muscle skateboarding at a ministry picnic. I was prayed for by my son the next day and my leg felt 75-percent better. 2 days later, I fell at work and tore the other side of my calf. The doctor said it would be a 4-6 week recovery. I still went to serve at the Surf Ministry Micro-site at La Jolla Shores. Each time Pastor Miles called for prayer that Sunday, I raised my hand—but no healing came. The second or third week of the Superman Series I was sitting at the 6PM service. As it came time to pray I sat quietly and an older couple to my right asked how they could pray for me. I told them about my leg and the husband prayed for me, laying one finger on me. When he was done, I tried testing out my leg but could not do it properly because I was sitting. I could feel a difference though and was encouraged. As we were walking out they asked me if there was anything else they could pray for. I accepted their offer and had them pray for good jobs for my kids. After that prayer, I decided to test my leg because I was starting to doubt if the healing had actually occurred earlier. I jumped up and down; I could do so without any pain! I immediately went and showed my friends and their eyes bugged out and they couldn't stop smiling. All praise be to God and the Holy Spirit for showing up and making it happen."                     – Benjamin


"I am currently on week 7 of a twelve-week Hepatitis C treatment. The first week of treatment I asked for prayer, desiring a complete healing for myself, from head to toe. During the second week of treatment my blood-work showed that I was healed and that the Hepatitis C was cured and now undetected. My viral level was 3.3 million on day 1 of treatment and now is cured! I am still currentlygoing through treatment, but I know God is working miracles in my life and my health."       – Jennifer


"I have been suffering with psoriasis for more then twenty years. There is no cure for it and nearly my entire body is covered with it. It's very painful and uncomfortable, not to mention what it does to my self-esteem. I have been going to Rock Church for a while now and my family and I are now members. I was prayed for recently and oh my goodness, my psoriasis is going away! It's working! I am so thankful to God and the prayer team! I also had a bad pain on the right side of my stomach that wouldn't go away for 3 months. I went to the doctor and got an ultrasound done, but they couldn't find anything wrong, so they just gave me ibuprofen for the pain. One night I asked God to heal me and He did. God is an amazing Father!" – Claudia


"I've been suffering from severe chronic neck pain. I was feeling better on Sunday but was still suffering from pain and discomfort. As soon as we finished praying at the 12PM service, I moved my neck and had been immediately healed!" –Julie


"My family and I attended the 10AM service at the Point Loma Campus on Sunday, July 19. Pastor Miles prayed healing for everyone in attendance. A few days later, the pain I had been suffering with for a long time in my hands and elbow, greatly subsided. It was our first visit to Rock Church and I am a pastor of my own church here in Arizona. I am so blessed to have visited your church and been healed by God through your ministry!" – Augie


"My legs were sore from playing laser tag a few nights before and from working the streets of Comic Con. During the service, Pastor Miles invited everyone to pray for healing, so I prayed that my legs might be healed. As soon as we had finished, I felt a cool rush go through my legs, and immediately I felt healed. It was something so simple, yet meant more than words can describe. It showed me that God hears us even in the little things. Hallelujah!" – Shea


"Last month I went in to see the neurologist and had an MRI done. I had mild tumors and black dots all over my brain. I came to church and got some prayer for healing. A week later, there is nothing. The doctors are confused and they can't figure it out. But I know what happened!" – Erin


"I have offered to pray for five people and have not experienced a single rejection. I prayed for a young man, that he would get to go on a ministry trip. I prayed for the healing of yeast in the lung and shoulder pain caused by a biopsy. I prayed for an elderly mom to walk and be healed from two back surgeries and for a dad and a sick grandma too. I will continue to be a 'Billboard for the Lord' and pray for as many people as God will allow me to." – Monica


“On the Friday before Easter, I received a phone call from my brother in Northern California. He informed me that our youngest brother, John, was in the hospital in critical condition. His wife had been told to make a decision to keep him on life support or just make him comfortable. I got there by midnight. My brother was breathing because of a unit pushed down his throat. The nurse said this was what was keeping his body alive. I prayed and left for the hotel room to spend the night. The next morning my sister and I prayed by phone that our brother would be returned to us. Two minutes later, my brother John was sitting up and writing notes to people all around him. The doctors were having a hard time keeping him down. By the time I got there, they had removed the tube from his throat and he was joking with all of us. Today John is home and healthy.” – Robert 


"I had experienced food poisoning since Wednesday, July 15. Saturday night I vomited throughout the night and I had excruciating pain. I went to church. On the way I was still feeling queezy, but during the service I was healed. After church I didn't experience one bit of nausea or any other of my symptoms." – Yesi


"All week my left foot was hurting from running. I prayed for healing at the 12PM service in Point Loma and I felt heat around my leg and foot. When I opened my eyes, the pain was gone. The heat continued until I got up." – Diana


“I have been counseling my brother and sister-in-law over the past 3 years. God has delivered them from the brink of divorce and has healed their marriage. They are so close now.” – Brett 


“A demon was cast out of my cousin.” – Kelly 


“God has opened a door in my business to share the love of Christ with non-believers. God used me to heal two people of back pain.” – Deane


“Thirty-four weeks ago I moved to San Diego to open a cell phone store and make lots of money. I thought that’s why I was in San Diego, but God had just set me up to visit your church. I damaged discs and nerves in my back after my friend cracked it for me. I prayed that God would heal me and guide me to a church and I found Rock Church. I sat up front and loved it. But no healing came that day even after two guys prayed for me. I have been suffering for the last thirty-four weeks and moved to Colorado for work. The doctors said the injury is bad, that I need surgery, and that I should get injections. But during an appointment, while the doctor was speaking, I heard God speak to me. He told me twice that He would heal me. I was three days into that promise and God told me to turn on Pastor Miles’ LIVE message on I saw that it was the ‘Superman Series’ on healing and was excited. God started showing me that I needed to repent of my anger, my fear, and my lack of trust. I did and I lifted up my hands to God in prayer. I felt this energy flow from my head down to my feet. I started to cry. I knew He was working on my neck. I have not had to take any medication since and I don’t feel any pain in my spine, muscles, or nerves! God is great and mighty. He can do all things and loves us all so much!” – Cody


“My father’s eyesight is returning.” – John


“I was sick and Pastor Greg and Tim prayed for me. The next day I woke up and the sickness was gone. Praise Jesus!”  – Noell


"I suffered a grade 3 ankle sprain in October 2014 while running during a half marathon. I have had chronic pain since then. Walking into church I noticed it was bothering me again and hurt with each step I took. After Pastor Miles' prayer, the pain and stiffness was instantly gone. God is good!" – Melanie


“Tabitha’s feet were healed of swelling. Another woman was healed from back and neck pain after I prayed for her in Jesus name.”  – Kirsten


“A woman asked me for prayer at a birthday party. The Lord told me to anoint her hands for healing. Right after prayer she told me she was a doctor! Then a minute later she prayed for another woman who had knee pain. The Lord took away the knee pain!” – Julia


“I prayed healing for a pregnant woman suffering from a health condition and for her husband to find a job. I found out two weeks ago that her husband found a job and that her health condition was abated before the birth of her daughter, so that it didn’t affect the child.” – Cami 


“A gentleman was released from prison after serving a fifteen-year sentence. Shortly after his release he became ill and abdominalsurgery was required. In a recent conversation I asked him if he knew where he would go if he died that night. Our conversation continued and he let me pray for him as he trembled and his eyes were filled with tears. He told me he was ready to receive salvation and gave his life to Jesus. It was glorious!” – Charles


“My neighbor is originally from another country and her last god was Buddha. Now her Savior is Jesus. I explained the Gospel to her, and prayed for her. The Holy Spirit came down upon her. Glory to God forever!” – Cindy 


“I responded to a phone call from a person who was struggling with a gambling addiction. We prayed and she said she felt a liftingof darkness. She said could feel that she was receiving strength from the Lord.” – Sharon 


“I personally have suffered from dizzy spells and anxiety. In the name of Jesus I prayed away all oppression in my life. Now I feel great.” – Anthony


“A lady by the name of Karen was healed from a migraine and another gal named Abbey was healed from severe arm pain when God gave me a word of knowledge and I prayed for her.”              – Kirsten


“I prayed for a woman with neck and back pain. The Lord took all of her pain away.” – Julia 


“I was talking to a man when the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about him having back problems in a specific place in his back. He agreed that this was true. I told him I believed that the Lord wanted to heal him completely; I prayed for him twice when the Lord gave me another word of knowledge. This one was very specific about him holding an offense in his heart toward a man in leadership. He repented. I prayed a third time and asked him to do something he hasn't been able to before. He reached down and touched his toes. He said he hadn't been able to do that in years! Praise God!” – Julia 


“A deaf new believer has been attending Rock Church for a year. She is separated from her spouse and struggles financially. She has hesitated to give a full tithe because she’s been worried about paying rent and feeding her children. Last Saturday she texted me that she had decided to tithe fully before paying rent. Immediately after she made her gift, a friend who didn’t know about her tithing struggles, gave her an unexpected financial gift! She is now confident that God does provide and will take care of her and herfamily.” – June


“During a baby dedication for seventy people, seventeen people gave their lives to Jesus!”                – Pauly 


“I prayed for a homeless veteran who had Gangrene and had a recent amputation of all toes on both feet. He cried through the whole prayer and a lot of heaviness left him.” – Kristina 


“My step-dad was having lung issues. He had been diagnosed with emphysema. My mom and brother prayed for him at 6PM service at the front of the stage. That night he slept really well and his cough has diminished! Praise God!” – Ruth


“I prayed for a teenage girl to be freed from night terrors and the sense of being strangled in her sleep. God delivered her.” – Don


“A twenty-two year old young man, serving as a pallbearer, committed his life to the Lord through a conversation that took place during the viewing of the deceased.” – Jeff


“An elderly man in his fifties was physically healed of his back pain after he was prayed for in the name of Jesus.” – Neil


“Four people gave their lives to Jesus at a memorial service for a homeless man in San Diego.”     – Noell


“A twenty-four year old young man had a very painful condition that doctors have not been able to diagnose. He has been addicted to Percocet. After we prayed, I found out that he is no longer on pain pills and that the pain is going away little by little. He couldn’t stand or get out of bed without pain, but now he is able to move and even drive upon occasion.” – Gabby 


“I was serving as the officiating pastor at a viewing service for a recently deceased young man. The uncle of the young man’s brother-in-law shared with me that he had injured his lower back before he drove down from Vallejo for the viewing and memorial services. He was unable to walk normally or sit without pain and discomfort. I prayed for him and by the grace of God he was healed! He told me his back didn’t hurt anymore. He wiggled around to test it out, stood, and confirmed there legitimately was no more pain!” – Neik

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