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A Man After God's Own Heart
By Tiffany Neal

Ben was sitting on the floor of his bathroom when he hung up the phone. His Mom had called to tell him Grandma had died and he had felt nothing. He was getting ready to shoot up again. Suddenly,he felt the presence of God and this strong impression came to his heart… “Ben, this is what is feels like to be amachine,this is what it means to be numb…I did not design you to be like this, turn to Me…” That day, Ben laid down his idol and started the process of getting clean.

Then, God beckoned him into ministry. “I was working two jobs, one at ColdStone, one at an automobile body shop… I quit the body shop, so that I could serve God more…” The week Ben succoversaw his first homeless outreach at his home church, he met Dave Brown. “Dave was kind, we connected on a ton of stuff and his love for God inspired me…He invited me to the Friend Event at IMPACT195”. A few weeks later, Ben enrolled in the nine month program to get further equipped. “I wanted to be in an environment to know and understand God more…”

After his second term, Ben maximized the break and went on a short term trip to bring pervasive hope to the Philippines. “I went on that trip focused completely on the tasks…God showed me it was all about the relationships…these three kids, Jonno, Carlo, Ruben…they followed me everywhere…my heart had so much love for them… the hard labor in our service projects became so easy because of the love I felt for the people there… love God and love others…His commandments aren’t burdensome…"

Ben will finish his last term this March and this time, he will be heading to Asia for two weeks. “I just really want to serve my team there... I’ve been asking myself, God-willing, how high can I lift everyone else up?” Ben knows that God is also going to use this short term trip to prepare him for the 2 year commitment he begins in June. He, along with nine others will be heading to Mali North Africa where he will be moving to a hut and performing the art of bible story telling. “We have this incredible opportunity to bring Christ to a people who have no writtenlanguage… we will be sharing everything through oral translation! I am so grateful for the mercy God has shown me…I am so glad I can feel…I can’t wait to live out everything He has for me…”