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Rock Hero: The Powers - October 2009
By Rock Church

Rock Recovery Ministry-Helping people out of the bondage of addiction.

Through the Rock Recovery Ministry, David and Tina Powers have helped people from all walks of life to free themselves from drug and alcohol addictions. David and Tina bring first-hand experience to this process. They met 15 years ago during their own addictions. While David was addicted to drugs and alcohol, he found himself in and out of jail for illegal activities directly related to that type of lifestyle.

David and Tina Powers

After being beaten down and humbled by years of heavy drug addiction, David decided to attend the Rock Church one Sunday. As if by divine intervention, Pastor Miles gave a powerful sermon that day about the effects of drugs and alcohol. The message felt so personal, David thought Miles was talking to him. David even thought that someone had told Miles that he was coming to church on that day!

David's spirit was changed instantly.

Immediately, David and Tina got clean and sober. But that wasn't all. They felt compelled to help others do the same. By the dozens, they would let newly sober drunks and drug addicts who had nothing but a broken heart, move into their home. They would feed them, entertain them, take them with them everywhere they went, and even help them get jobs. They would encourage them and give them a sense of self-respect and dignity. Most importantly, they would lead by example, gently sharing with people what it meant to have a relationship with the Lord.

A few years later, God put it on Tina’s heart to open a house where people could work on their recovery full-time. The men's house opened first and within 45 days, it was full.

The men's house opened first and within 45 days, it was full.

Today, there are four houses with a total of 30 beds. The houses are places where men and women can go after they have detoxed and get their lives back together with the Rock Recovery system. Facilities all over the world know of the Rock Recovery program and recommend many clients.

Why is it so successful?

Rock Recovery is a 12-step, Christ-centered, co-ed support group that uses small group interaction, the Bible, and 12-step principles. The Rock is known nationally for their Recovery Ministry. Many other churches and even other recovery facilities refer clients to Rock Recovery.

One of the requirements of the program is that clients must attend church.

One of the requirements of the program is that clients must attend church.

David and Tina bring a large group to the Rock every Sunday morning. They say they are there just to plant the seed. Then, they leave it up to God to help it grow.

The Powers have learned it is important to meet people where they are at in their addiction. When a person calls, the call is always answered. If David feels that they can help, the caller is invited to a Rock Recovery event to get support right away. There is an event practically every night, but normally a person is invited to the bonfire first.

There, patients find an environment that is non-judgmental and supportive on many different levels.

The goal of Rock Recovery is to instill faith, hope, wisdom and serenity to the lives of those who feel lost and alone. In return, the patients must be willing to go to any extent to maintain a sober life.

David and Tina say Rock Recovery is not just a ministry-- it's God's plan for their lives.

The Powers are two people who have led hundreds out of the darkness and into the light through their living example of Christ’s genuine love and compassion for others.

Congratulations David and Tina Powers, Rock Heroes for October 2009.

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