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Photo received: May 2016


Photo received: Oct. 2015

Point Loma Rock Kids partners with Hopestart International to sponsor Sabrina Felix. We have agreed to a monthly sponsorship of $100 which provides her with proper housing, nutritious food, attentive loving care, and an education that aims at helping her develop into a positive contributor to the transformation of the Haitian community in which she lives. Rock Kids will not only support her financially, but emotionally. We are able to communicate with Sabrina through written letters, drawings, paintings, and photos. 

Sabrina's story

Sabrina and her sister Rose Merline both live at the Hopestart orfanage. Sabrina was living with her mom when she became very sick and her mom passed away. Sabrina was brought to Hopestart to begin a new future with her new family. She has adjusted well and made new friends. 

About Sabrina

Sabrina is described as, "little miss sassy pants." Her best friend is Kim and they are always getting into things together. They are practically twins and never leave each other's side. Sabrina loves to sing and dance. She can often be found braiding hair. 

  • Age: 5
  • Birthday: June 29, 2010
  • Hometown: Jeremie, Haiti
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite activity: Going to the beach
  • Favorite school subject: Writing

Want to make a donation?

Donation stations can be found on Sundays at the Point Loma campus in the following designated areas:

  • Welcome Room
  • Early Childhood classrooms
  • Elementary classrooms 

Every six months we will be receiving a new photo of her and an update on how she's doing. For more information about Hopestart visit Donations made in the form of a check need to be made out to Rock Church and must have "RK Haiti Sponsorship" in the memo. 

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