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Church for kids didn't disappear; it just temporarily!

Gather the whole family, and let's worship God with the heart of a child.  With live hosting, age-appealing music and Bible lessons through video, and an invitation to follow Jesus every week, we encourage kids AND their family members to pursue God passionately together.

[email protected] is streamed live every Sunday on our Rock Kids Facebook Page and can be re-watched at any time during the week...but we love to interact live! 

Follow our Rock Kids Facebook Page to get all the latest updates for families.  See you Sunday!

*Please note that [email protected] takes place between Rock Church services online, so you won't miss a thing!

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God created us to have meaningful relationships with each other, and that includes kids! KidsGroups are where your child will connect with peers and a consistent Small Group Leader (SGL) to KNOW God, GROW in God, and SHOW God to others. Parents are welcome to attend, but not required.

KidsGroups are open to children from Pre-K through 5th Grade and are intended as a continuation of our "[email protected]" service on Sundays, which are streamed live on Facebook. For more information about KidsChurch and KidsGroups, please email us, or join our Rock Kids City Heights Facebook Group for all the latest updates.

Would you allow your child to join an online small group, if parents were welcome to attend but not required? Take the poll here!

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