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ABOUT: Church Without Walls Outreach is aministry serving our neighbors in need.  It is God's love displayed andmanifested through the body of Christ in an outdoor open park providing church service welcoming all.

MISSION: To proclaim the Gospel; to teach and maintain soundbiblical doctrine as we offer a means leading to forgiveness with mental and social balance through Christian understanding; and to connect with surrounding communities in the name ofJesus Christ.

DESCRIPTION: Homeless in San Diego County continues to rise.  Wholefamilies have turned out on the streets due to economic hardship.  Manyindividuals find it difficult to deal with society's norm for various reasonsand choose to live in the seclusion of the streets and open spaces. Regardless of their circumstances, all are afforded the love, grace and merciesof God.

OUR ANSWER: We are compelled by Christ, to minister to the hungry, thethirsty, the naked, the homeless, the sick and the imprisoned.  We arecommissioned to share the good news of the gospel and make disciples throughoutall the nations, starting within our own.

Church Without Walls puts intoaction those red letters of Jesus on a weekly basis.  CWW eventsthroughout San Diego County share the love of God in providing an outdoorservice with songs of praise & worship, a Bible-based message, prayers,fellowship and communion as we share in a meal.  Not only arethe physical needs addressed, more importantly, the spiritual needs are alsocared for.

THE CALLED:  Weare each uniquely blessed by our creator God with special gifts andtalents.  We come from various backgrounds and local churches but eachworking together as the one body of Christ to minister to the needs of themarginal in our community.  Many are called to serve, some to cook, someto encourage and pray for others, some to preach the Word of God, and somebring praise & worship.  Each location is mixture of volunteers fromdifferent churches, humbly led and all glory given to the Father.  JESUSis the only name exalted at these events.