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Q & A - Questions & Answers

What happens at Church without walls? 

On Saturday mornings our leaders hosting & volunteers gather together to provide church service throughout the San Diego County.  It starts at 11am sharp.  If you can free up time to be there around 10:45 am, we would be blessed to have you help set up the service and supply table.  Any questions please email Mario Arce at [email protected].

What you can bring to our outreaches? 

1. Socks 

2. Sweaters 

3. underwear and t-shirts 

4. toiletries 

5. water (cases) 

6. Blankets 

7. Sleeping Bags 

8. Tents 

9. sandwiches 

10. Clean gently used clothing 

11. Any type of soft packaged food 

a. (i.e. granola bars, chips, pudding) 

12. Fruit (all kinds) 

13. Jack in the box tacos and/or Sandwiches 

Who do I Contact to make a Financial donation? 

What is my money supporting? 

We are very open and honest and your financial support will help one or more of the following:

  1. Monthly storage fee to maintain and hold resources and items for our outreach.
  2. Promotions and Advertising.
  3. Sleeping Bags
  4. Food & Water
  5. Housing Resources & Hotel Stay
  6. Emergency Assistance
  7. Food Assistance for those in need.
  8. Outreaches & Special Events
  9. Office and Ministry Supplies.