Homeless Services

THANK YOU for your interest in serving those experiencing homelessness in San Diego. Rock Church Homeless Services Ministry seeks to bring The Good News of Salvation and life in all it's fullness to all.  We are here to help care for those who struggle to care for themselves.

TRANSFORMATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE: Our Rock Church Homeless Services Ministry includes The Home Team that is ready and able to equip you or your group with all the information you need to volunteer and serve at all levels of the Coordinated Assessment Housing Placement process.  Please see "We Need YOU" Page or you may also email [email protected]

FOOD SERVICE: The Rock Church is inviting those who wish to serve food to do so in one of two ways to maximize the relationships with those experiencing homelessness and connect them to services:

 - Provide food service inside a Shelter for Residents & Guests - many locations, days & times available to fit your group's schedule

Serve Communion at one of the many Micro-sites around San Diego on Sundays, times and locations listed below

MICRO-SITES: If you are looking to bring meals to the homeless on a SUNDAY please see our resource list below. You are welcome to show up at the locations listed below during scheduled times. If you have any questions regarding these locations, please contact [email protected].

Check Out All the Locations: https://www.sdrock.com/microsites/

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