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What is the purpose of the Just Married Ministry?

The Just Married Outreach Ministry equips newlyweds (0-3 years married) with the foundations of a successful marriage through classes, events, Bible study and meeting other couples in which healthy fellowship and growth takes place. Our Newlywed Financial course aims to get husbands and wives on the same page (or spread sheet). The course is taught by a cadre of married Christian couples with marital, business, financial and tax expertise. Statistics show that the top two reasons for conflict an divorce in marriage is financial troubles and communication challenges. Our ministry wants to be assertive about arming couples with solutions to these known challenges early in their marriage. 

We also refer couples to a plethora of marital activities and workshops (whether hosted by our ministry or not), such as the Relationship Conference, Retirement workshop, the Marriage Getaway, Monthly Couples Bible study, and the Better series taught by Dr. Felan, Marriage and Family Therapist. Part of our larger goal is to facilitate relationships between young married couples. 

Are there restrictions to join this ministry?

Yes. This ministry is for couples that fit the legal and biblical definition of marriage. Therefore, if you're engaged, seperated, divorced, in a same-sex relationship, or with multiple partners - this ministry is not for you. Additionally, if you've been married over 4 years, this ministry is not for you. We still love you if you are engaged, divorced, in a same-sex relationship, have multiple partners, or have been married 4 years or more - we simply have a hyper-focus on cisgender male/female newlyweds married for less than three years. We will recommend other more suitable ministries if you don't fit the criteria for our ministry.  

Why did this ministry get started and who started it?

The Just Married Outreach Ministry was started by Zap Martin, and was birthed out of a need to pour into marriages while they are still new. Zap came from a family where his parents were divorced (with 4 kids). He knew he wanted to be part of the solution. Zap and his wife Linda have been married since March 2010, and feel they can also grow with the newlyweds they work with as a part of our ministry. Serving together also strengthens their marriage. They attend marriage and financial workshops on a monthly bases, gaining tools to share with the couples we interact with at church. 

What if my spouse and I want to serve in the ministry? 

Yes please and thank you! We are currently looking for biblically grounded married couples (generally married 5 years or more) to help as mentors, event facilitators and small group leaders for this ministry. Please let us know if this is you!

What if I go to another church or don't go to church at all?

It does not matter if you attend the Rock, or if you go to church at all. As along as you are a newlywed, you are welcome to join and be a part of this ministry. We do ask that you attend with your spouse. In other words, we run things like Noah's ark - in pairs! So you will need to make sure your spouse can participate in everything that you want to participate in.

Can I bring my kids? Do you have child care?

Although we LOVE kids,  we want all couples 100% focused on marriage during our ministry meetings - so please make arrangements for your children prior to attending. We do not have child care at this time. 

What if I have more questions?

We can be contacted at justmarried@sdrock.com. 

Also check out this article: https://www.sdrock.com/stories/justmarried/

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