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The Just Married ministry is searching for newlywed couples (married 0 - 3 years or more) that desire fellowship and growth in their marriage. For the 2022 year we will be meeting either on Zoom, outdoors, or in smaller groups in person - all on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. (Usually we meet at the Rock Church Point Loma campus at 6:30pm (6:15pm if you want to eat with us) but due to COVID we won't meet at the Rock until it's open for us to meet there again). 

Be sure to check our website and Facebook/Instagram, or reach out to Zap or Linda before each meeting because we will occasionally do outings and meet elsewhere.   

We also have one day classes, communication and finance courses, and other marriage growth activities that we encourage you to join. Those will be advertized on our website, Facebook page and Instagram page. The extra courses and classes are only open to members of the Just Married ministry - so more incentive to join! 

If you have been married longer than 3 years, we still want to connect with you! 

Click here if you are interested in joining and growing your marriage as part of the Just Married ministry!


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