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We are going to ask you to SPRAY your spouse...


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It's crazy. Some married people spend more time feeding their pets, or Instagraming selfies, or following fantasy football... than they spend doing the top 5 purposeful activities of marriage with the love of their life. We want to change that. Starting Now.

The challenge is simple:

15 points a week = "A" Awesome

12 - 14 points a week = "B" Better than most

10 - 11 points a week = "C" Come on, you can do better than that

Less than 10 points a week = Try again.

(1 Corinthians 7:5)
The Bible encourages married people to enjoy their spouse. Also, remember that YOU are the only person your spouse can (legitimate) have sex with. Since spousal sex is found all over the Bible, we give this a score of "5 points"

P = Prayer
(1 Thessalonians 5:17)
I believe prayer with your spouse is the real key to closeness to each other and God. Spend time in prayer with each other, specifically praying for your marriage, and another couple's marriage [#52Minutes]. (By the way, praying for your meals doesn't count). We give prayer "4 points"

R = Recreation
(Proverbs 5:18)
Doing fun things with your spouse keeps the relationship fresh and fun. Remember, you want to do the recreational activity that your spouse likes or that both of you like. No points for doing only what you like. We give recreation "3 points"

A = Affirmation
(Song of Solomon 1:15-16)
We encourage positive, loving "shout outs" to your spouse. Remind them how awesome they are. Their smile, their work ethic, their mind, their creativity, their drive, their heart... affirm them daily! We give affirmation "2 points"

Y = YOU (I love YOU)
(1 Corinthians 13:4-7)
We encourage you to tell your spouse, "I love you" then show them that you love them with your patience, kindness and all of the other goodies in 1 Corinthians 13. We give I love YOU "1 point"

The goal: Keep your spray score at a 10 or higher through the week.

If your marriage game is nice, your SPRAY score will be at a "10" or higher every 48 hours.
You should NOT go a week with a SPRAY score of less than 10.
There you have it! Now go and SPRAY your spouse!


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