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Just Married Newlywed Financial Course

We remember...

We remember being newlyweds and having questions about finances. 

- How do we blend our two financial lives? 

- Do I keep my bank account, or should we have a joint account? 

- What about investing? How does it work with 401(k) plans and IRAs – and what changes now that I am married? 

- What about taxes? Should I change my withholding at work now that I’m married? 

- What does the Bible say about marriage, and money, and taxes, and investing?

- How should we address disagreements about spending?

Most newlywed couples come into the relationship with little knowledge of money management, yet they want to start their finances off right. 

As a happily married Christian couple, we wanted to develop a way to help newlyweds learn, grow and make wise decisions about their finances in an environment that also honors God. We wanted more than a “one day” seminar where you get overloaded with information and can’t ask questions later. We also didn’t want the pressure of bringing in a company where people are trying to sell you life insurance! 

The newlywed financial course is designed to be intimate enough that you leave with personalized financial goals and strategies for your family. Plus, you will also connect with other newlywed couples. There is no pressure, nothing is for sale, and everything is completely free! 

If you are interested, join us at our Tuesday night meetings for more details.

The next course will start January 2023!

But we do talk about money related issues in marriage during our regular meetings, which are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Reach out to Zap Martin  --> Zap.Martin@sdrock.com for more details about our regular meetings and the Newlywed Financial Course! 

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