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Key Three

Meet the Key Three - the three couples that are driving force behind the Just Married ministry.

Terrence and Macrina

After a sushi 1st date, an impromptu meeting of his parents on the 2nd date, and a 24-hour 3rd date (they kept it holy!), Terrence and Macrina were both interested in spending more time together. The following year they were sharing their vows on a little patch of green grass overlooking the ocean.  They spent a year and a half enjoying the wonderful things about marriage before Macrina was suddenly diagnosed with Leukemia. On the exact date of their second anniversary, Macrina underwent a life-saving stem cell transplant. Throughout the many challenges of being newlyweds and with the added mess of cancer, she and Terrence have learned the sacredness and power of praying, playing, and staying.  They are determined to grow with God and with each other through the Just Married Ministry so that they can connect with other newlyweds as an outpouring of the blessings they've experienced.

Chris & Thelma Brown

(Picture on the way!)

Zap and Linda

Zap and Linda started the Just Married ministry in January of 2015. Zap is a Realtor® in San Diego and business consultant for schools and churches. Linda is a Music Therapist and the Founder of Miracle 139 International - a non-profit organization that supports kids with special needs and their families.

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