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The Just Married Ministry hosts a number of events and classes to support the critical first few years of marriage for newlywed couples. If you are interested in supporting our ministry financially, we have made it easy for you to give a tax deductible donation.
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We want to thank the following couples and businesses for their financial generosity in supporting this ministry and marriage:
  • Alynthia Boyd
  • Adrianna Turner
  • Dyelan & Paulina Fonville
  • Josh & Mandi Burgner
  • Diana & Cody Bernaiche 
  • Justin & Rosita Searway
  • Alex & Dusty Provonsha 
  • Shanelle & Maurice Borders
  • Antoine Stevens-Phillips
  • Joseph & Brittany Jezak
  • Andrew & Daphne Lim
  • Jon & Leizl Totoram 
  • Turhan & Brandy Coleman
  • Bill & Pam Martin
  • Mike & Margaret Diggs
  • Andrew & Maggie Barragan
  • Lee & Rachel Wilkins
  • TJ & Mikkele Hill
  • Jesse & Jessie Vito Cruz
  • Terrence & Macrina Keller
  • Chris & Krista Francis
  • Zap & Linda Martin
  • LZ Investments, LLC
  • PRT Leader, Inc.
  • The Martin Group real estate team

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