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Wheels.....welcomes our newest partner - Hot Wheels Newletter (HWNL)

d2ab2cc2590f10a89b19b0bf89ea4c12.jpgThe Hot Wheels® Newsletter and Update is now in its 37th year of publication! Each issue contains the most up-to-date information available on latest releases, promos, limited editions, variations, Collectors Club Information, and history. Find out what over 13,000 subscribers have, plus meet new collectors in your area and as far away as Canada, Germany, Japan, England and Australia! Your subscription also gives you first chance to purchase tickets to the Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Nationals (Spring) and the Hot Wheels® Collectors Convention (Fall).

The Newsletter is available by subscription only, You will receive 4 quarterly 16+ page issues and 4 Updates, a four to six page flyer with the latest news on variations, new releases and more, mailed between the quarterly Newsletter issues.

Newsletter subscribers that attend the Yearly Convention and/or nationals are eligible to receive a special custom Hot Wheels car as a souvenir for attending.

Subscriptions are $44 for US, $48 for Canada and $63 international.  Plus PayPal fees with purchase.

For more.....information about how to Subscribe or Renew - go to https://hwcollectorsnews.com/how-to-subscribe

Thank you Hot Wheels Newsletter - for coming on board and supporting Wheels )

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