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Wheels…..welcomes our newest partnering sponsors  

Sixes & Sevens Skateshop sixesandsevensskate.com

9926 Carmel Mountain Rd - San Diego, CA 92129

Hot Wheels Newletter https://hwcollectorsnews.com/

More information on our newest partner (see Wheels main website)

Thank you - for your continued support.....look forward to seeing you at our upcoming meeting )

>>> *NEXT MEETING - WHEELS Ministry May Meet-Up (5/15/24) <<<

We will be meeting on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, at the Rock Church Point Loma Campus - Room 234 > Level 2 for prayer, fellowship, sharing the word, engaging in a fun filled time, with other die-cast enthusiasts. Families, Children, Adults (bring your friends) are encouraged to come and participate. If you enjoy fellowshipping, collecting, trading, building tracks, 6 lane downhill racing track, then this is the ministry for you. Bring your favorite track car(s) for sharing, trading, to use on the super mega race track(s) and 6 lane downhill race tracks  

*Food Donations - Coffee, Deserts, Bottled Water - will be provided, for All that attend :) Did I say COFFEE and DESSERTS? 

Thank you.....to our many donors - for stepping up and supporting the Wheels Ministry Meet-Up's  )  The Rock Church, Wheels Ministry, and our many supporters appreciate you :)

Meeting Agenda:

Guest(s) will check in, receive a raffle ticket (for prize drawings throughout the event)

Meet and Greet, enjoy Coffee, bottled Water, Desserts, and other Food donations

Open up the meeting in Prayer

Message / Devotional Reading

Updates: Past Meetings / Upcoming Outings / Events / Gerenal Information 

How To Build - The Ultimate Super Raceway Track - Bring your favorite track car(s), help build the ultimate super mega race track - complete with jumps, loops, and more.  Need your help - come out, and join the Wheels Ministry, support, help set-up, build, race your track car(s). 

Fellowshipping, sharing the word, engaging in a fun filled time, with other believers and non believers :)

Raffle Prizes through out the event - join in on the RAFFLE CONTEST, to win brand new carded  / loose HOT WHEELS, and more :) *Must check-in, receive a raffle ticket (one 1 ticket per person) must be present during the raffle drawings. 

Prayer Requests

Close out the meeting in Prayer 

For more information how you can become involved please email: wheels@sdrock.com

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