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(Updated 9/18/23) Wheels Meet-Up's

WHEELS.....'23 June - '23 September Meet-Ups have been >>>CANCELED<<< due to construction that is taking place on Level 2.

Thank you - for you understanding and patients....look forward to seeing you All in October or sooner ) 

>>> *NEXT MEETING - WHEELS Ministry October  Meet-Up (10/19/23) <<<

We will be meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2023, from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, at the Rock Church Point Loma Campus - Room 236 > Level 2 for prayer, fellowship, sharing the word, engaging in a fun filled time, with other die-cast enthusiasts. Families, children 3+, adults are encouraged to come and participate. If you enjoy collecting, trading, building tracks, 6 lane downhill racing track, then this is the ministry for you. Bring your favorite track car(s) for sharing, trading, to use on the super mega race track(s) and 6 lane downhill race tracks  

*Food Donations - Coffee, Deserts, Bottled Water - will be provided, for All that attend :) Did I say COFFEE and Deserts? 

Thank you.....to our many donors - for stepping up and supporting the Wheels Ministry Meet-Up's  )  The Rock Church, Wheels Ministry, and our many supporters appreciate you :)

Meeting Agenda:

Guest(s) will check in, receive a raffle ticket (for prize drawings throughout the event)

Meet and Greet, enjoy Coffee, bottled Water, Deserts, and other Food donations

Open up the meeting in Prayer

*Memory Challenge Verse.....The reasons for doing this are numerous, but suffice it to say that your relationship with God is guaranteed to change by allowing His word to influence your daily thoughts. So write down each verse(s) by hand ay least every other day until you have it memorized. Put it on a flash card and take it with you to work, school, etc. Keep in your back pocket or wherever you know you'll have chances to look it over. Memorization is possible if you put your mind to the task, submit to Jesus and allow Him to reveal the Word to you. 

Anyone attending (Leaders, Volunteers, Parent(s), Children, Guests, etc.) who are able to resite the entire monthly memory verse.....will recieve One (1) raffle ticket, for a special prize drawing - that is seperate from our general prize drawing(s) durng our event. 

Free Video Download: "Memory Verse Challenge"


Message / Devotional Reading

Memory Challenge Verse

Updates: Past Meetings / Upcoming Outings / Events

How To Build - The Ultimate Super Raceway Track - Bring your favorite track car(s), help build the ultimate super mega race track - complete with jumps, loops, and more.  Need your help - come out, and join the Wheels Ministry, support, help set-up, build, race your track car(s). 

Fellowshipping, sharing the word, engaging in a fun filled time, with other believers and non believers :)

Raffle Prizes through out the event - join in on the RAFFLE CONTEST, to win brand new carded  / loose HOT WHEELS, and more :) *Must check-in, receive a raffle ticket (one 1 ticket per person) must be present during the raffle drawings. 

Prayer Requests

Close out the meeting in Prayer 

For more information how you can become involved please email: wheels@sdrock.com

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