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(NEW - 4/16) 21st Annual HW Collectors Nationals




May be an image of text that says 'HoWHeEL 21 ST ANNUAL COLLECTOR'S NATIONALS APRIL 7-11, 2021 ATLANTA, GEORGIA'


A Special Thanks - to Mark & Jenniffer Millhollin and Team Of Volunteers, from the Collectors Convention & Nationals Collectors Events Unlimited LLC.

The Wheels Ministry, along with the Hot Wheels Community Appreciates You :) 

The 21st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals will be held in.....Atlanta, Georgia April 7-11, 2021

hwcollectorsnationals.com for more convention details :)

SNEAK PEEK #1..... for The 21st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals

1983 Silverado 4X4 

Limited to 5,500 pieces total.....

SNEAK PEEK #2..... for The 21st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals

Kook Kombi

Limited to 5,500 pieces total.....

Children"s Miracle Network Hospitals DRAG DAIRY CHARITY CAR (Photo Soon)

GTC97 is 144/250 in the mainline set, 5/5 in the HW Dream Garage series, and a 2021 Treasure Hunt. It is blue detailed with light blue and white graphics.

A large Hot Wheels flame along with the low production symbol decorates the sides. The car has tinted windows, a chrome interior, PR5 wheels with chrome rims, and a black plastic Malaysia base.

This vehicle can be found in mix “G” of 2021 Hot Wheels mainline cases.

Designed, painted and beautified by CHRIS WALKER


Finale Car

Volkswagen Drag Bus

Limited to 4,000 pieces total.....

Souvenir Car #3 of the 3-Car Series is the FREE Souvenir Car - given out at the Saturday Night Finale )9efc73d6ec90726fb4075f078ea3a611.jpg

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