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Joy Came Down!

At the Rock
Gut or God
A San Diego chaplain's experience at the scene of a burning Navy warship.
5 Ways to Love Anyone
Some people might be harder to love than others, but here's how you can honor God through loving peo
Harnessing One of God's Greatest Gifts: The Mind
How to rest in the midst of constant "fight or flight" reactions
Favoritism and In-Grouping
How to overcome favoritism
Why I Say It's All About Honor
Let’s honor each other. Jesus did.
Prayer: Our Greatest Weapon
How the power of prayer can make all the difference
A Time to Run
When the world turns upside down, where do you run?
3 Biblical Ways to Adjust When There Are Major Changes in Your Life
How to cope with major change.
Where Satan Cannot Touch You
Why you should beware the dangers of the drifting mind
Navigating Depression
Steps to help overcome depression and negativity.
How close did Shelby’s depression come to killing her?
Down to the Penny
Miracles are more than miracles. They are also messaging.
Physical and Spiritual Strength During COVID-19
A 14-day plan to help you grow in strength and in your walk with God.
The Shove
Some people receive God’s prompting by way of a nudge or whisper. Some people, like Allan, need a li
Family and Face Shields
How one family is volunteering to help protect front line healthcare workers.
Dealing with Loneliness During a Time of Uncertainty
Find solace even when you're in isolation
Career Transition During COVID-19
Many are experiencing job loss or transition during this time. Find hope in Him who is faithful.
Resilience During COVID-19
Beneficial ways to spend your time at home during social distancing
The Last Run on Pacific Beach
Mark was running from the effects of his party life until God showed him where he was going.
Stories from the Last 20 Years
God has done some incredible things in people's lives over the last 20 years at Rock Church
Like Perfume from the Titanic
How returning memories to the elderly can be a gift you may want to give

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