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The Rock Financial Life (RFL) team offers complimentary, biblically-based financial coaching to help individuals and couples learn to manage their money by applying the principles of effective biblical stewardship learned in RFL's "Everything About Money" (EAM) course. 

RFL coaching is designed to help you set and achieve these goals:

     #1 Experience financial security and peace of mind because your finances are in order
     #2 Experience and recognize God’s faithfulness in your finances
     #3 Experience freedom to do what God has designed you to do
     #4  Experience true financial freedom when money no longer controls your heart

The EAM course is a prerequisite for coaching as the concepts and biblical principles taught in EAM are foundational for a productive coaching experience. EAM is offered three times a year as a live, 6-week course (Everything About Money 6-week course) and is also available as a go-at-your-own pace, online self study course (Everything About Money Self Study).

If you have a general question about personal finances, please email your question (along with relevant details) to An RFL Coach will reply to your question with general guidelines to consider. Watch your email for a reply.

The RFL Coaching ministry is here to help you one-on-one. Once you have finished the EAM curriculum, including all course homework, and have entered your financial information into the RFL Financial Planner (provided FREE with the EAM course), you can request coaching by sending an email including your name, email address, texting phone number and a brief description of your situation to the RFL Coaching Coordinator at Please include a day/time you would be available to review your RFL Financial Planner spreadsheet via screen share on a video call with the Coaching Coordinator. Once we have reviewed your spreadsheet with you, we will pair you with an available RFL Coach.

We pray your application of the practical tools and timeless principles taught in the EAM course will dramatically affect your family finances, your future and your eternal experience! May God give you wisdom, clarity, His peace and joy as you begin your journey towards financial freedom!

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