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Manage Money God's Way for Groups

Welcome to to Manage Money God's Way for Groups

We're excited you're leading your small group through this life-changing curriculum. This 6-week course has something for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

How it works:

Manage Money God's Way (formerly called "Everything About Money") for Groups is a 6-week curriculum, taught by video by former Rock Financial Life Ministry Leader, Jason Batt. As leader of your group, all you need to do is gather your group as you normally would each week and play the videos. Jason does all the teaching by video. Then, lead discussion among your group with questions we provide. And you can reach out to our Groups laiason with any questions as you go. We stand alongside you with prayer and support.

What you will learn:

The course objectives are that you and your group:
     #1 Experience financial security and peace of mind because your finances are in order
     #2 Experience and recognize God’s faithfulness in your finances
     #3 Experience freedom to do what God has designed you to do
     #4 Experience true financial freedom when money no longer controls your heart

Teachings include:
     What it means to be a biblical steward
     How to set financial goals
     Determining net worth
     Establishing a budget to live within one's means
     Creating a debt elimination plan (if applicable)
     Building a Life Fund savings account
     Understanding God's view on giving and creating a giving plan

Meet former RFL Ministry Leader, Jason Batt


Overview of Manage Money God's Way Course

Week 1 – Introduction

  • Session A: Objectives – God’s objectives for your finances
  • Session B: Mile Markers – Goal setting to track progress

Week 2 – Where I am?

  • Session A: Rights and Responsibilities – Every spending decision is a spiritual decision
  • Session B: Scorecards – Track every dollar, every day

Week 3 – Where am I going?

  • Session A: Godly Priorities – Give, save, and live on the rest
  • Session B: Margin – Create a cash positive budget

Week 4 – How do I get there?

  • Session A: Jail – Debt steals
  • Session B: Snowball – Create a debt elimination plan

Week 5 – How do I stay on course?

  • Session A: Jack! – Giving is an opportunity not an obligation
  • Session B: Joy! – The four giving “P”s (Planned, Periodic, Purposeful, Proportional)

Week 6 – God Stories (Testimonies and Reflection)


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