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While people generally agree that it’s important to have an estate plan, 60% of people in the US die without a will, and 90% die with just a will or no estate plan at all. The reasons are often, “I don’t want to think about dying,” “It’s too expensive,” or “I just haven’t gotten around to it.”  Most people know it’s something they should do, but the legal system can be intimidating and costly.

As parents, if you have minor children, you certainly want to designate who the guardians would be for those children if something should happen to you. Whether you have significant or very few assets, you should have a written plan so that you decide how they are cared for and by whom.

If due to an accident or changes in health you are unable to make medical decisions, your Health Care Directives and Health Care Power of Attorney can direct the physicians to give you the care you want.

In partnership with FINANCIAL PLANNING MINISTRY, the Rock Church offers its members seminars on estate planning followed by a private session with an estate planning consultant where you will develop your own estate plan. This is an extraordinary opportunity to sit down and create all the legal documents you need including: Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney for finance and health care, Health Care Directives, and Guardianship.

These documents are provided with no cost or obligation.

FINANCIAL PLANNING MINISTRY is a unique nonprofit partnership of ministries dedicated to providing its members with a path to sound biblical stewardship through their estate plans. Their 2-hour presentation provides clear and accurate information that cuts through the misinformation and helps you avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes in securing your loved ones' future.

The Estate Planning Seminar is offered four times throughout the year. Visit the Upcoming Events page to learn more about when and where this class will be offered.

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