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Everything About Money Course


The Rock Financial Life (RFL) team of teachers delivers an engaging, interactive series of classes on effective money management and biblical stewardship based on the timeless principles and practices found in Scripture.

The course objectives are that you:

     #1 Experience financial security and peace of mind because your finances are in order
     #2 Experience and recognize God’s faithfulness in your finances
     #3 Experience freedom to do what God has designed you to do
     #4 Experience true financial freedom when money no longer controls your heart

Teachings include:

  • What it means to be a biblical steward
  • How to set financial goals
  • Determining net worth
  • Establishing a budget to live within one's means
  • Creating a debt elimination plan (if applicable)
  • Building a Life Fund savings account
  • Understanding God's view on giving and creating a giving plan

This 6-week course has something for everyone, regardless of your financial situation.

Everything About available in 3 offerings! 

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The RFL team of teachers delivers a live, interactive series of classes.
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 NEW! Do a self-study of the course, at your own pace on your own schedule.
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 NEW! Small group leaders can now host our "EAM for Groups" curriculum.
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Resources for EAM Course

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course workbook
(Fillable PDF)
 Downloadable RFL Financial Planner
(Excel File)
 A series of videos that
teaches you how to use
the RFL Financial Planner.

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Missed class? 
No worries.
Catch up by watching a video teaching for the week you missed.
 Printable PDF of RFL Financial Planner
 Printed workbook
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