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Rock Financial Life (RFL) offers events throughout the year to educate you on how to manage your finances and be a biblical steward of your resources. See below for descriptions and upcoming dates.


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Feb/Mar, 2024
Hybrid: City Heights Campus
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First Thursday of Each Month
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Seminar on Mar 2024

Webinar on Mar 2024
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Most of us weren’t taught effective money management skills, much less healthy beliefs about money and possessions.

We followed what our parents modeled for us (right or wrong) and formed our financial beliefs based on the consumer-driven messages of the culture. No wonder the average US household has over $15,000 in debt!

The Rock Financial Life (RFL) team of teachers delivers an engaging, interactive series of classes on effective money management and biblical stewardship based on the timeless principles and practices found in Scripture. 

This 6-week class has something for everyone regardless of your financial situation.

Catch this class live three times a year. Or try our online, self-study version.


Monthly webinars addressing financial topics that affect your life. 



Generous Hearts

Thursday, December 7, 2023


Onlive via Zoom


Generous hearts are God’s radiant heartbeat (John 3:16). Throughout the Bible Jesus calls us to have an open and giving heart toward God, as well as each other. Why? Because in the act of giving, we find a sense of purpose and a profound joy that transcends material possessions. It’s very true…you cannot out-give God.

Generosity lights up the world, scattering seeds of hope, compassion, and kindness. It reminds us that our true wealth lies not in what we accumulate for ourselves, but in what we share with others.

Join us on December 7th at 6:30pm for a fascinating discussion about how to give through vehicles such as a donor advised fund or giving fund, or through appreciated securities.  Kim Moeller, the San Diego Area Director with the National Christian Foundation (NCF) will be joining us.  She will be sharing stories of generosity that will inspire you to want to learn more and to take the next step on your own journey of generosity.

Every time we give, we become part of a timeless symphony of God’s righteousness, composing a legacy that endures long after our own footsteps fade. Generous hearts inspire, uplift, and transform the world, showing that in the act of giving, we receive the most precious gift of all – the boundless grace of making a difference in someone's life.

In this Season of Giving, let’s reflect on opportunities we have to make a difference.

We hope you’ll join us for this inspiring webinar!

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We can't predict the future, but we can plan for it!

We invite members of the Rock Church family to join us for this valuable complimentary seminar presented by FINANCIAL PLANNING MINISTRY (FPM).  FPM takes the mystery out of estate planning, guiding you and your family through a straightforward process and allowing you to design a legacy plan that blesses your family and honors God. We’ve partnered with FPM to provide you with the opportunity to make decisions, pass on your values AND your valuables, and start planning for your future.  Following the seminar, you'll have access to one-on-one coaching with FPM as well as document preparation for your family’s peace of mind - all at no out-of-pocket cost!

This seminar occurs four times a year. For more information about why to attend, click HERE.

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