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Pursuing God's Calling for You

Thursday, September 7, 2023

One of the most important and rewarding things we can do in life is understand and follow God’s calling for us. When we walk in our calling, we impact lives and find so much joy!

In this discussion on "Pursuing God's Call for You," Carol Ben-Davies will explore the journey towards discovering your purpose. She will delve into the tools and strategies that aid in recognizing the right path emphasizing the importance of God’s discernment while navigating potential college and career pitfalls. This conversational presentation will focus on aligning personal aspirations with a higher purpose. It is our desire that this conversation guide the you toward a fulfilling and purpose-driven life journey.

About Carol Ben-Davies:
Carol Ben-Davies, M.Ed. is the founder and CEO of College Bound Determination, a guiding force for parents in strengthening their children for the realities of college. Carol holds an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University Chicago and a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a Certified Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, a certified QPR Suicide Prevention Instructor, and a Strong’s Interest Inventory Certified Practioner.

Gambling on Luck...or Trusting in God?

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Borrowing money to pay for things we want or need can put us in financial bondage. The two biggest financial decisions, houses and cars, are the source of the greatest financial pain and regret among Americans. By simply following the wisdom in Scripture, we can avoid mistakes in these areas and greatly increase the likelihood of achieving our financial objectives.

Summer Fun on a Budget
(PowerPoint slides to be posted soon...)

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Is your family ready for summer? Kids are now entering summer break, and financially, it could affect your budget. How many of you already feel the crunch of regular daily living expenses, and now the kids will be home every day for the next few months! Do you need help preparing for summer so you can have a great time with the kids without draining your resources?

We have lots of ideas to share!

We’ll cover these topics and more:

- why it's important to take advantage of family time while the kids are young

- ideas for free and low-cost activities the kids will enjoy

- summer budget busters to be aware of

- how to create special moments that lead to life-long memories for the whole family

This summer…slow down, reconnect and have some fun! You only get 18 summers with your children, so make the most of it while sticking to your financial goals.

Marriage & Money

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Money fights are one of the enemy’s weapons of choice to create marital conflict, sometimes so severe it leads to divorce. Don’t let the enemy come between you. You and your spouse are one flesh. You may see money differently, but you’re still on the same team.

Discover the strengths and weaknesses in your and your spouse’s financial personality. Are you a Saver? Is she a Spender? Are you a Risk Taker? Is he a Security Seeker? Many times we are married to someone who is the opposite of us? Why? So we can learn how to work together.

There are common mistakes spouses make that consequently sabotage their marriage. Understand what these are and what practices you can replace them with that will strengthen your relationship instead.

House on the Rock: A Biblical Perspective on Home Ownership Decisions 

Thursday, May 4, 2023

The American Dream of owning a home is a goal that many of us have. Home ownership can be a blessing when done in God’s timing and with His provision, or a curse when done outside of it. There's a lot to consider when making a home purchase (monthly payment, home maintenance, insurance, furnishings, HOAs and more). And it can be tempting to try to keep up with the Jones, putting a strain on our budget and peace of mind. In this webinar, we’ll take time to reflect on your motivations and see if they are biblically aligned and share current underwriting rules regarding credit and income so you can prayerfully consider your own budget readiness. 

Spring Clean Your Finances

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Are you struggling to find a balance within your finances? Spring time is the rebirth of plenty of things and the season we celebrate the rising of our Lord and Savior. You always hear the saying, “It’s time to spring clean your household!”

Well, have you ever thought of spring cleaning your finances? God does not want you to struggle financially and neither do we at RFL! We want to help you declutter your finances. Let’s take a good look at your spending and see what can be “decluttered.” For example, a lot of us have subscriptions to practically everything and anything the world says we need. For things we really don't actually use or even remember we have, and it's silently draining the bank account.

Many of us want to tithe, pay off debt, and save for big investments. Take action, join us for this webinar and take this challenge to get your “financial home” in order so you can focus on investing in things that truly matter.

Render unto Caesar
A biblical conversation on God and Taxes

Thursday, March 6, 2023

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” As the snow thaws around the country, springtime ushers in one of the most dreaded seasons of all – tax season! It’s a topic that makes most want to run and hide. Let us help you demystify it! Come hear how to faithfully steward your tax planning in a way that avoids taxes (wise!) without evading them (illegal!). We’ll give you a biblical perspective on paying taxes, which is part of being a faithful steward. And we’ll teach you the basics of our tax system and some practical tips on filing your taxes this year, plus some tax savings strategies to help you keep more of what you earn in 2023 and beyond.

God's Kingdom & Lawsuits
When Do I Stand Up and Fight, and When Do I Turn The Other Cheek?

Thursday, February 2, 2023

In our culture today, it's very popular to fight injustice. By the world’s standards, we should never tolerate being taken advantage of; we should fight for our rights. As Christians, there are definitely times when we must take a stand against injustices, and there are other times when we must give the fight over to God. Our victory is found when we have the wisdom of knowing when to do which.

What does God’s Word say about lawsuits and our rights? When and how should we advocate for our rights?

Come for a lively discussion of learn how and when to be a "defender" while walking in your Faith.

2023: Your Best Year Ever      

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Want to make 2023 your best year ever? It can happen…with INTENTIONALITY! As Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

In this interactive webinar, we’ll share how faithful stewardship connects with every major area of your life: Spiritual, Financial, Personal, Relational, Professional and Physical, and teach a framework for setting attainable goals in each of those areas . When you leave, you’ll be able to identify what’s most important to you in 2023 and map out a plan to achieve your goals, using your faith as the compass that keeps you on track.

Join us for this inspiring event and launch the New Year with intention!

Christmas on a Budget? Sign me up!
Create a memorable holiday without busting the budget

Thursday, December 1, 2022

The holidays are upon us and you’re probably thinking about all the fun activities you’ll enjoy this season. Traveling to see family, hosting a holiday party for friends, decorating your home, baking tasty treats to share, mailing holiday cards. And the big one – gift giving! It’s such a fun and special time of the year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Do you have a budget in mind for what you’ll spend this Christmas?

What?!? A budget for Christmas? Yes! It can be done, and by having one you can avoid that horrible feeling that comes in January from going overboard.

You CAN create a fun and memorable holiday season on a budget.

Preparing for Heaven (Before Leaving Earth)
What you do matters for those you leave behind

(Recording not available for this one)

Thursday, Nov 3, 2022

Scripture tells us our lives here are temporary, as God designed us to live in Heaven. Yet we can be reluctant to address realities of what (and who) we leave behind. Perhaps you have created your will or trust. That is a great start! But what else is there to consider - what else can you do - to help your loved ones through that time of transition when God calls you home?

This interactive webinar will start essential conversations in a safe and uplifting setting, so you can:
Understand the importance of estate planning, such as wills and trusts.
Learn financial, cultural and emotional considerations of arranging memorials.
Adopt the Kingdom mindset of preparing for Heaven to show great love for your family.

If you HAVEN’T created your will or trust yet, take advantage of this free service available through Rock Church for church members.

For note taking: Download PDF of webinar slides
Article: What to Do When A Loved One Dies
Additional Resources

My Credit Score: A Mistaken Identity?
A Biblical perspective on credit

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Access to "credit" in the present day can affect important areas of our lives, personally and professionally. Where did the concept of borrowing money come from, and why has it become so important to us? Let's take a sobering look at what God's word says about credit, and consider whether He condones or forbids it. God wants our identity and peace to be in Him, so what steps can we take to honor Him when using others' money? God's word gives advice that is skewed differently from what you hear in the secular world, and even from uninformed or uneducated church congregations. Come and participate in a lively discussion that will prove immediately useful, and possibly adjust your Kingdom perspective on the use of credit.

For note taking: Download PDF of webinar slides

Bears, Bulls, and the Bible: Investing
Wise principles and practical strategies you can use in a bear market

Thursday, Aug 4, 2022

Investment markets are choppy right now – many people are losing money, feeling nervous, and fear the worst is yet to come. Where are you placing your trust – in God or in the financial markets? God wants your ultimate peace and security to come from Him, but what steps can you take when financial markets are volatile? Did you know the Bible speaks to investing? And its advice is dramatically different than what you might hear from the world. Come learn key principles and strategies of investing you can apply NOW to be wise and avoid costly mistakes.

For note taking: Download PDF of webinar slides

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