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NEW! Monthly webinars addressing financial topics that affect your life. Tune in each month as you seek to learn more about what the Bible says about finances. 
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My Credit Score: A Mistaken Identity?
A Biblical perspective on credit

Thursday, September 1, 2022

(Online via Zoom)
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Access to "credit" in the present day can affect important areas of our lives, personally and professionally. Where did the concept of borrowing money come from, and why has it become so important to us? Let's take a sobering look at what God's word says about credit, and consider whether He condones or forbids it. God wants our identity and peace to be in Him, so what steps can we take to honor Him when using others' money? God's word gives advice that is skewed differently from what you hear in the secular world, and even from uninformed or uneducated church congregations. Come and participate in a lively discussion that will prove immediately useful, and possibly adjust your Kingdom perspective on the use of credit.

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Bears, Bulls, and the Bible: Investing
Wise principles and practical strategies you can use in a bear market

Thursday, Aug 4, 2022
6:30pm – 7:30pm
(Online via Zoom)

Investment markets are choppy right now – many people are losing money, feeling nervous, and fear the worst is yet to come. Where are you placing your trust – in God or in the financial markets? God wants your ultimate peace and security to come from Him, but what steps can you take when financial markets are volatile? Did you know the Bible speaks to investing? And its advice is dramatically different than what you might hear from the world. Come learn key principles and strategies of investing you can apply NOW to be wise and avoid costly mistakes.

For note taking: Download PDF of webinar slides

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