(Updated 2/21/21) C4K Diecast Show (4/18/21)

Cruise 4 Kids is partnering up with the Wheels Minsitry and hosting the "C4K Diecast Show" http://c4kdiecastshow.com/ where collectors & enthusiasts can enjoy what the diecast world has to offer. Come buy, sell, and trade all your favorite brands! 100% of the proceeds benefit Cruise 4 Kids 501(c)3. 

For more.....event information, click on the link >>>  http://c4kdiecastshow.com/

SPECIAL GUESTS - Partnering up with both (C4K) Cruise 4 Kids & Wheels Ministry.....

Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels

Matthew gives his take on the newest Hot Wheels. This is the place to be for all Hot Wheels Collectors! Matthew produces with the help of his father and family - first to market, unboxing, exclusive Hot Wheels videos and more. He has millions of followers around the world, has now partnered up with C4K (Cruise for Kids) a non profit.  If you love hot wheels, this channel is for you :)

Follow Matthew on Instagram @mattchw1 for more pics and info.

Launch Dog Luna

Angel Gomez is the owner of Luna (Bluenose Pitbull). They have been a pair since 2010.  As Luna grew up, Angel started teaching her tricks, and the rest is history. Luna loves Hot Wheels, and enjoys launching them - on a Hot Wheels Launcher. Everywhere - Luna went, she was welcomed with open arms, folks loved her and more. Just this past year - Angel uploaded a video on Luna, next thing you know 27 million views on TikTok, and over 20 million views on Instagram. Angel and Luna have now partnered up with C4K (Cruise for Kids) a non profit, and the Wheels Ministry (Rock Church San Diego)  If you love dogs, especially one that can launch hot wheels, this channel is for you :)

Follow Luna on Instagram @launchdogluna for more pics and info.

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