Through scripture, God has called his people to be generous. This generosity is shown in the use of our gifts, our time and our financial resources. If your a regular WHEELS Ministry attender and Rock Church is your spiritual home, then we encourage you to contribute to the needs of the church family, through time, use of your talents or financially. It is our desire that giving to the WHEELS Ministry would be an act of worship, giving from a grateful heart for all the Lord has done for you.

We provide our ministry free to participants, we do not charge dues, we rely fully on donations from people like you. Your support is greatly appreciated, it will ensure the continued growth and success, will help us in mentoring and encouraging our youth, young adults, and their families in becoming strong Christians. 

Your Donated Die-Cast Accessories 

Hot Wheels Cars > New, Unused or Slightly used, Discarded and Old Hot Wheels, MatchBox, Accessories - Track Sets, Loose Track(s), Jumps, Loops, Curves, Motorized Launchers, Manual Launchers, Carrying Cases, Batteries "Size D" - to power our Motorized Launchers, etc. 

Any items not used will be given to The Rock Thrift Store. To make arrangements for a pick up, contact us at: [email protected]


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