House or Home? Building a Close-Knit Family

How do we develope a close-knit family that truly loves to spend time with each other? Thankfully, God has provided proven principles through His Word for families to achieve the love they most desire. This course is a must for any couple or family to thrive in their relationships.

Week 1 - Marriage: A Holy Covenant

Week 2 - Is There a Man in the House?

Week 3 - Is There a Woman in the House?

Week 4 - What's a Man To Do?

Week 5 - What's a Woman To Do?

Week 6 - Is There a Parent in the House?

Week 7 - What's a Parent To Do?

Week 8 - What's a Child To Do?

This class meets on Mondays evenings from 7-8:30 PM May 12 - July 7 (no class on May 26). Registration is required, so sign up today!

Textbook required for class: House or Home? by Chip Ingram, available in the RockPile

If you have any questions contact Cari Blanchard, the Marriage & Family Ministry Coordinator at 619.764.5118 or

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