Meet the Marriage Ministry Leadership Team

Marriage Ministry Pastor on staff since December 2001790df28be5221b285e8bdb447660f045.JPGPastor Darren Carrington and his lovely bride, Vickie
In 1989 Darren realized that even though he had achieved his childhood dream of making it to the NFL, his life was still incomplete. In 1992 he was taught that life was about more than just making money and partying, and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He took the passion he’d once used to live for the world and redirected it. Now he lives to let people know that living for Jesus is a much better way of life. The Lord’s assignment began in youth ministry and he has since been called to a marriage and family pastor role. He has accepted the challenge to help build healthy marriages, which will result in healthy families. He married his college sweetheart and they just celebrated 29 amazing years of marriage on April 10. They have three incredible children: Di’Arra-34; Darren II-28, Di’Jonai’-26 and their granddaughter Serenity who just turned 7 this past March.

Discipleship Pathway Operations Manager (supports Marriage, Mens, Womens, and more) on staff since July 2014
Margarita Robinson

fdce12c9854a0e9c70bc0954de399a58.pngMargarita began her career at Rock Church in July of 2014 as an admin assistant and has grown into the role of Marriage Ministry Coordinator, and recently promoted to Operations Manager for the Discipleship Pathway Team. Aside from the marriage getaway, she supports the marriage ministry and other core ministries at each campus, and coordinates many other marriage and family programs. When she is not working, you can find her enjoying family fun adventures with her husband Ken and their 12 year old daughter Kailani. Ken and Margarita will celebrate 19 years of marriage on July 22.

San Marcos Directors (faithfully volunteering in Marriage Ministry since October 2018)
Dan & Pam 
marriagesm@sdrock.com11ff6fb083ed6fcd6ae88978138d8d14.jpgMarried Since: December 11, 1993
Dan and Pam met while leading in Youth Ministry at the age of 20 years old. In their four years of dating, their relationships with the Lord grew as they grew closer together. They saw the pain of divorce throughout both of their families and declared when they got married, that divorce would never be an option. In the first 10 years of their marriage, they struggled with financial and communication problems. But, they remained committed to God’s plan and purpose for them and chose to continually learn more about each other. They give glory to the Lord as they have seen many miracles in their marriage, healing and salvation in their families and continue to see Gods hand at work in their lives. Dan and Pam continued to serve in youth ministry together for over 30 years. At which time, their call to Marriage Ministry began. God has given them an incredible passion to see married couples healthy in the Lord and in love with each other. Dan and Pam have a daughter Taylor, 25, married to son-in-law Darrien, 25 and a son Tom, 20 and they will be celebrating 29 years of marriage in December.

El Cajon Directors (faithfully serving in Marriage Ministry since 2013)
Ron & Victoria
1232482336cc2a93c61e5aae0593976b.jpgMarried Since: December 18, 1996
Areas of Focus:  Finance, Communication, Blended Family, Military, Second Marriage, Raising grandchildren
Major obstacles overcome in marriage: The experience of being a blended family.

Point Loma Directors (faithfully volunteering in Marriage Ministry since 2015)
Keith & De Courcy

ba44459598a48b5be6ede592c60cd7a0.jpgKeith and De Courcy met while they were both serving in the military in 1988. They are getting ready to celebrate 33 years of marriage, married since July 1989. After almost 30 years of service, Keith retired as a Naval Officer in 2015 but continues to work as a network designer in the communications field. De Courcy has worked as a nurse practitioner for 9 years and is currently in internal medicine. They both strive to serve their communities and mentor other couples navigating the hills and valleys of marriage. Keith and De Courcy have gone through hills and valleys of their own. Due to military deployments and a mutual lack of communication, their marriage was rocky in the early years. But with the help of prayer filled relationships that surround them, they have realized that life is “Better Together” and share their experience with other military couples who identify with the same issues. Their experience has given them passion and purpose directed towards mentoring other military couples. Additionally, they strive to assist these couples in helping build their relationships with an emphasis on God as the backbone of any successful marriage. In their spare time you’ll find Keith and De Courcy engaged in DIY projects and travel. They also enjoy spending time with family and friends. Keith and De Courcy have four wonderful children that range in age from 16- 32 years of age.As a military couple, their marriage was rocky in the early years. The hard times were easier when they were together but more difficult when apart. Yet, they both knew that the mountains of their marriage could be climbed together.

City Heights Co-Directors
Tom and Laura  (faithfully serving in Marriage Ministry since 2019)

Tom was 17 years old when he accepted Jesus as his savior. He got married and raised children in the church, but went through a divorce, and was single dad. Laura accepted Christ as a young adult and also went through a divorce, and was a single mom. They met each other at a Rock Church East County at a Single Parent Family Group meeting and became friends and months later fell in love and will celebrate 4 years of marriage on May 18, 2023. They now serve Christ together in the City Heights Marriage Ministry and have a small group in their home for married couples.

Sherman & Semise  (Co-Directors)(faithfully serving in Marriage Ministry since 2021)
Sherman & Semise accepted The Lord as young adults and have served in leadership at various churches. They married at a young age to other people and had long-standing marriages which both ended in divorce. W hen they met, they had been divorced for several years. After a short online courtship, they knew they were the person God had designed for them, so they married in 2012 rejoicing in God’s goodness only to end in divorce four years later. But God, even through the separation time, continued to work on their hearts and led them to wise, professional, Christian counsel. Counseling helped them to navigate their differences, restore their marriage, and started them on the journey of learning how to demonstrate true love towards each other. They remarried in 2020 and are now passionate about helping couples avoid the mistakes they made.  

To God’s glory they are now Internationally Certified Relationship Coaches, part of the Rock Marriage Ministry Coaches’ Team serving at City Heights campus, lead a married couples’ group online, Coordinators of the City Heights Rock Marriage Enrichment Workshops, and serve at the Annual Rock Marriage Getaway as Marriage Coaches. Their slogan is, “We focus on helping married couples to develop the skills and tools necessary to nurture and live out The Word of God in their relationships.”

They have a blended family of 5 children, 8 grandchildren, and 4 grand dogs. They are the primary caregivers for Sherman’s 97-year young mother.  Their favorite pastime together is traveling. 

Chula Vista Directors:
We are looking for a Marriage Coach couple to lead our campus marriage ministry.  If you and your spouse have a heart for marriage and the desire to lead other like minded married couples, we would love to connect with you.  Email Pastor Darren at

Oahu Directors:
We are looking for a Marriage Coach couple to lead our campus marriage ministry.  If you and your spouse have a heart for marriage and the desire to lead other like minded married couples, we would love to connect with you.  Email Pastor Darren at

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