Lies That Ruin Relationships

How we view life determines how we live it. This course will examine the most common lies that ruin our relationships with those we love. You'll also learn how God's Word can equip us to defeat those lies. If you're serious about pursuing deep, meaningful relationships this course is a must for you.

Week 1 - Why We Fight with Those We Love

Week 2 -Why We Wound Others with Our Words

Week 3 - How Our Jobs Can Destroy Our Relationships

Week 4 - Why "Better" Things Don't Always Make Life Better

Week 5 - Why the "Grass" Isn't Greener on the Other Side

This class meets Monday evenings at 7 PM from January 14 - February 11 2008 in room 232 on the second floor. Registration is required, to register click on the button below.

If you have any questions contact Cari Blanchard, the Marriage & Family Ministry Coordinator at 619.764.5118 or

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