Relationship Conference 2014


Relationships are an enigma. Take two people from different backgrounds, families, and history with varying likes and dislikes and make something delicious happen. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly. At this year’s relationship conference, we’ll take a look at understanding our differences and utilizing our strengths to support the other in their weaknesses. But most important, we’ll see what God says about relationships, in both marriage and singleness. He has a plan and it’s a good one.

If you missed it, click on the sessions to hear the recordings!

Main Session 1 with Kelli Adame

Breakout Sessions

From Despair to Repair: How to Prepare for True Love and Beyond with Scott Milnes

We all want true love, but sometimes don’t know how to get it – or keep it. Could the answer be found in how we dealt with our last failed relationship? Join us and get clear about the road ahead!

Moving From Good to Great: Taking Your Marriage to the Next Level with Mary Cipriani-Price

This session will address what is needed to make your marriage not just survive but thrive. We will look at the meaning behind marriage as well as the best research that will enable you to walk away with a refreshed and renewed sense of excitement. 

I am OK Being the Peanut Butter (And I See The Need For The Jelly Too) with Becky JB Hammond

In this hour, we will explore the concept of living life through our innate Strengths and the relationship opportunities that open up before us when we really understand what we bring and what they bring—when we can vividly taste and appreciate, who is the Peanut Butter and who is the Jelly. 

Main Session 2 with Pastor Darren Carrington

* Unfortunately, a recording for the breakout session "GROWING OR GRIPING: Using the seasons of singleness and dating to become the kind of person you’d want to marry" with Amy Elliott is not available.

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