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The documents on this page are made available to assist those who are caring for those going through a difficult time. In addition, some of these documents may be copied and directly given to those who are experiencing a crisis. If you have helpful information that you would like to share as a resource please send it to [email protected]

10 Questions to Ask 

Biblical Renewal & Stress Management

CISM Handout

Compassion Satisfaction-Fatigue Brief Self-Test

Family Recovery from Terror

Frequently Asked Questions in Disasters

Helping Children & Adolescents in Grief

Hope When Disillusionment Sets In

Military Memorial Benefits

Practical Grief Assistance Part 1

Practical Grief Assistance Part 2

Preparing to Meet with Mortuary

San Diego County Mortuary and Cremation Services

Speaking Points on Suicide

Spiritual Care Various Religions

The Meaning of Assistance

The Ten Commandments for Couples