Disaster Response

Family Disaster Plan

Before You Volunteer to Help in a Disaster

Have a Family Disaster Plan

Use this Office of Emergency Services Preparedness Checklist

Links to ready made Disaster Guides and Disaster Kits Here
Download apps for your iPhone or Droid Here

For Safety's Sake, check first:

Check_Mark.png Yourself, family members, and friends for injuries
Check_Mark.jpgYour home for damages
Check_Mark.pngYour neighbors - are they safe and well?
Check_Mark.pngEmergency needs you can safely meet
Check_Mark.png Emergency needs you cannot meet but can report to the proper authorities

Rush to a disaster site! It could be dangerous not only at the site itself but also along key roadways leading to the scene.
Help keep access routes clear for our first responders by staying off of them. This is crucial when the public's safety is at stake.


Go where you can't support yourself. You could end up using resources needed by local residents and our first responders.


Train ahead of time. Take First Aid, CPR and team up with the organization of your choice. You'll be a valuable asset to your community!


Sign up for a volunteer opportunity unless you can follow through. If your plans change, let the agency know. They'll understand and can then fill   your spot with an available volunteer.


Go to the San Diego County Emergency Website www.sdcountyemergency.com or www.sdrock.com during a disastr to learn updates on issues of importance.


Don't forget to respect the rights of those who have suffered losses. Be compassionate but not intrusive; some individuals must grieve in private.   Honor their needs and choices.


Plan ahead where you might go for comfort and a sense of community - a civic center, school or church. Ask if you could assist at that site. If it lacks a disaster plan, volunteer to research, write or test one!

Here's a great website for assisting families with practical information on working with their kids during a crisis or a traumatic event or disaster.   There are many links on this site for PDFs to help chidden of varying age range.  


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