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The most devastation from the recent earthquake in Haiti happened in, and around, the town of Jeremie where Rock Church has been working since 2010.  Many relief aid organizations have been mobilized and are working in these areas to provide the most urgent needs, such as medical care and food. 

In collaboration with our Rock Missionaries in the area, we have developed an outreach plan to provide more sustainable solutions to 100-200 families that have been affected by the quake.

There are homes all over the countryside that have their roofs intact, but all the walls collapsed due to crumbeled walls constructed of a mud mixture with rocks.  The plan is to give sheet metal to build the walls for 100+ homes, providing much more longevity than tarps which barely last a year. 

Additionally, these families are struggling to access clean water, as the quake has polluted the majority of water supplies.  The plan is to deliver over 100 Light Water Life kits which will provide 100,000 gallons of clean water to families (about ten years).

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