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Local College Students Shopping on Behalf of Seniors

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, hundreds of San Diego senior citizens are home-bound and unable to shop for groceries on their own. 

Through gift card donations from the LA Chargers and the City of El Cajon, Rock Church in partnership with ElderHelp of San Diego and Leave It To Us will be distributing over $62,500 in groceries and essential items to San Diego and El Cajon citizens and seniors. 

Leave It To Us is a nationwide movement of college students who are shopping for senior citizens. Abbie Rieder, a local SDSU student and member of Rock Church, started the San Diego chapter.

Rieder along with volunteers from Leave It To Us and the Rock Church Young Adults Ministry are partnering to help the seniors of ElderHelp in San Diego with a generous donation of $10,000 from the LA Chargers. The volunteers will use the gift cards to shop for the seniors of ElderHelp. This will be used to supplement what they receive from the San Diego Food Bank. ElderHelp will then distribute the groceries directly to the homes of seniors. In addition to the $10,000, the Chargers donated $8,000 that provided 70 households with groceries and necessities. 

Upon hearing about the impact of ElderHelp, Leave It To Us, the Rock Church Young Adults Ministry, and the LA Chargers, the City of El Cajon wanted to support the effort as well. The City of El Cajon has funded an initiative of $44,500 to support food distribution to residents of El Cajon in need. 

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If you are a senior in need, here are some resources:
-ElderHelp of San Diego: elderhelpofsandiego.org
-San Diego Foodbank: sandiegofoodbank.org
-211 San Diego: 211sandiego.org


ElderHelp’s mission is to provide personalized services and information that help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes. To learn more about ElderHelp of San Diego, click here.

For more information about Leave It To Us - Fee Free Senior Citizen Shopping, click here.

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