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Critical Incident Response - Crisis/Stress Management Workshop Options 

These courses are certified through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation  www.ICISF.org  which is an internationally recognized organization for the field of trauma and recovery.  ICISF courses are generally offered at conferences for $350 per person.  To assist in reducing these costs Rock Emergency Management offers the following courses within a substantially reduced cost.

The following ICISF courses are available to schedule at other organizations or churches for their chaplaincy and disaster response ministry needs:

  • Assisting Individuals in Crisis (Peer Support)
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters
  • Group Crisis Intervention
  • Grief Following Trauma
  • Law Enforcement and CISM Perspectives
  • Pastoral Crisis Intervention -1 (Basic Chaplaincy)
  • Pastoral Crisis Intervention – 2 (Advanced Chaplaincy)
  • Spiritual and Psychological First Aid

If you would like further information regarding a specific course listed, please visit: https://icisf.org/sections/education-training/course-descriptions/ 

 Course instruction includes:

  • ICISF Course Registration
  • Course Materials (workbooks, handouts, official ICISF certificates)
  • An ICISF Approved Instructor

For non-ICISF courses please review our websites for other options for training:

For any additional information or to schedule trainings at your church or organization, please contact Dr. Mickey Stonier at 619-226-7625 or at   Mickey.Stonier@sdrock.com  

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