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Due to the current crisis in Afghanistan, there have been over 45 thousand refugees that have entered Pakistan through the Chaman Border.  The situation is getting worse each day with thousands of Afghans using the 27 kilometer long border of Pakistan-Afghanistan to enter the Chaman and Turkham borders in Pakistan.

We have a partner ministry on the ground, which is a church based organization who has been traveling to the areas identified.  They have put together a plan to provide food to these families for one month as follows:

  • Provide food packages and crockery/utensils to 500 families (1 month supply)
  • This will feed and estimated 3500 people for one month
  • This project will target the most vulnerable refugees that aren’t currently receiving aid from other organizations or the Pakistani government

This project will provide for the most urgent needs of these refugees as well as bring the gospel to thousands.

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