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The documents on this page are made available to assist those who are caring for those going through a difficult time. In addition, some of these documents may be copied and directly given to those who are experiencing a crisis. If you have helpful information that you would like to share as a resource please send it to [email protected].

2017 San Diego Fire Resources:

SDFD Fire Instructions - English

SDFD Fire Instructions - Spanish

Family Disaster Plan - English 

Ready, Set, Go!   San Diego Fire-Rescue Department provides information on the instructions for wild land fires.  No one knows when or where the next major wildfire will occur in our region. But it is a question of when -- not if -- it will happen.  That's why San Diego Fire-Rescue has partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs to create the Ready, Set, Go! Wildland Fire Action Guide in English and in Spanish.   We hope you will read the guide, and follow its advice.  

10 Questions to Ask 

Biblical Renewal & Stress Management

CISM Handout

Compassion Satisfaction-Fatigue Brief Self-Test

Family Recovery from Terror

Frequently Asked Questions in Disasters

Helping Children & Adolescents in Grief

Hope When Disillusionment Sets In

How to Step up in the Face of Disaster (Video)

Military Memorial Benefits

Practical Grief Assistance Part 1

Practical Grief Assistance Part 2

Preparing to Meet with Mortuary

San Diego County Mortuary and Cremation Services

Speaking Points on Suicide

Spiritual Care Various Religions

Temporary Shelters Points vs. Shelters

The Meaning of Assistance

The Ten Commandments for Couples

What to do During a Power Outage